An American born, Canadian raised,  underachieving Aussie randomly reflects on his unusual but ultimately underwhelming life. From a freckled faced head banging brat in Albuquerque to a terrified teen trying to survive a notorious Canadian Concentration School to a mildly talented but lazy Sydney media professional, it’s a journey that continues to unfold in it’s own weird way.  The challenge is to document it before it all fades away…


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  1. Hello, I found your blog while looking for the ‘boys school North of Selkirk’. See, I grew up in Selkirk and always saw these boys going door to door in Selkirk. At the time, I asked my mom what these pack of 4-6 boys were doing? She told me that they’re from the boys school, and they sell Honey that’s made at the school. You would only see them once in a while. I was always curious where they came from…..basically, who were these strange kids in my town.
    Today, I decided to ‘find’ them, hahaha. Your blog gave me some answers, and that short film ‘The New Boys’ gave me some more answers. Looks like it was pretty rough to go there…..and that would explain why my mom used that place as a threat when I was younger…’I’ll send you to that boys school if you don’t behave’…I suppose my mom’s threat worked, I never got sent there. Thanks for writing your blog.

    Hope all is well in life! Take Care.

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