Snap Shot #16: Epiphany


For some years now I have bragged about knowing the meaning of life. Evolution. To evolve. We are given the gift of life, every creature on the planet, to improve. Both individually and as a species. But it is only recently that I have begun to appreciate the full implications of this observation. I now realise the degree to which such evolution is largely a self motivated pursuit. I can not change the behaviour of most others; though I can influence my son’s development – for better and for worse. But the one person I can truly change is myself. I can try to resist engrained negative behavioural patterns and strive to be a better husband to my wife, a better father to my son, less selfish, more mindful and a generally happier human being. I can acknowledge my shortcomings and try to learn from my mistakes. I can accept that I am only human and therefore naturally flawed. But if I can reduce the overriding influence of those flaws and not be defined by them, then I will have evolved. I will have lived a meaningful life.