Snap Shot #26: Superpowers


I have agreed to let my son join me and Nitro the Two-Toned Cavoodle on our nightly walk along Bondi Beach. But there is a condition. He has to make an effort to engage in two way conversations. I’m not interested in hearing all about his latest Play Station fake football triumphs. I want him to talk about things that I have some interest in. And to his credit, as we walk along the beach, he does pretty well, only sneaking in some fake football talk a couple of times. It’s as we’re walking up the ramp to leave the beach that he proclaims: “If I could have two superpowers, I’d want to be able to change into anything at all and then clone myself. I’d change into a rat, sneak into a room, then clone myself into lots of rats and freak people out.” “So you’d basically use your superpowers to prank people?” “Yep.” “Fair enough.” “What about you – what two superpowers would you have and how would you combine them?” I have to give this some thought – these are superpowers we’re talking about after all. “Ok – I’d like to read people’s minds. And… invisibility. That’d be handy. Those would be a great combination for a spy.” “Or a pervert.” I laugh. Funny kid.


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