Snap Shot #67 – Black and White Dog Days


I am tossing a Frisbee with my mate Jezza like we do most Saturdays. We are in a fairly enclosed area of Centennial Park. Although we aren’t in the main dog walking thorough-fair, dogs and their owners drift past. We suddenly notice four big black dogs having a bit of a romp. In fact, they’re having more than a romp – they look like they’re pretty keen on making more black dogs. We have a bit of a laugh at this, assuming they’re all part of the same pack. So it surprises us slightly when they eventually split off into two pairs. A little later, we see what we assume is one of the pairs coming back towards us. But it turns out to be a completely different pair. Ok – that’s a bit weird. We keep tossing and here comes another black dog, indistinguishable from the others except for having a different owner. “Looks like it’s Black Dog Day” I shout to the dog walker. “Yes, we’ve just past several.” It’s only when yet another pair of big black dogs gallop past that it starts to get freaky. “Bloody hell – that’s seven in a row now!” Finally, a German Shepherd and a brown Beagle break the spell. It’s a few weeks later and Jezza and I are tossing in an open area of Queen’s Park. This time I’ve brought Nitro the Two Toned Cavoodle, who’s having a great time. After a while, Jezza points off into the distance. I look and see a pack of about five little white dogs. I laugh. He then tells me to turn around. I do and see a tall white dog next to a short one. But Jezza’s not done, pointing in the other direction. There’s another pack of about six white dogs, one of which is a poodle whose white afro matches that of its old lady’s. I decide to do a quick head count and of about twenty dogs I can see, Nitro is one of about four that isn’t white. Very bizarre. But given it was Black Dog Day a few weeks earlier, I guess the universe decided to square the balance with a White Dog Day. No doubt Brown Dog Day is just around the corner.