Snap Shot #14: Change Room Exchange


I feel great – refreshed from a swim and a steam. I’m in the members’ change room of the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, heading towards my locker after having a shower. I have timed my swim well, leaving as the lunch break members are arriving. I look to see if anyone’s changing near my locker and there is only one guy at the end of the bench. He’s fairly good looking and probably some kind of corporate dude as I can see he has a business suit zipped up in its casing on the bench. I unlock my locker with my green rubber wrist band that I prefer to wrap around my water bottle rather than my wrist. I then turn and attempt to slip the band off the bottle, pulling on the lid. But it wasn’t screwed on properly. The lid slides off. The bottle falls to the bench. Water spouts out like lava from a volcano. Some of it lands on the business dude’s suit casing . I am embarrassed. “Sorry mate. Didn’t see that coming.” He smiles. “No worries. It’s only water.” I think of something, then quickly quip: “Actually, that’s my vodka.” He laughs. “Well, even better.” I then think about saying something along the lines of: “Feel free to lick it off,” but thankfully restrain myself. Instead, I turn, undo the towel wrapped around my waist and proceed to get naked in the company of strangers.


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